The real Greek tragedy may be the climate

Greece’s debt crisis threatens more than the collapse of the euro and the European Union – it would also be a climate disaster. An opinion article by David Strahan, a former BBC business correspondent and author of The Last Oil … Continue reading

Britain should welcome climate refugee species

An opinion article by Chris Thomas, biologist at the University of York, UK. The article is adapted from a review in Trends in Ecology and Evolution (vol 26, p 216). He writes: “Some places are ideal havens for species threatened by climate … Continue reading

What Italy’s nuclear referendum means for climate change

Opinion article by Mark Lynas about the negative climate consequences of the new anti-nuclear wave, which spread across Europe after the Japanese tsunami of March 2011 that damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The article was written for the Guardian … Continue reading

‘US and China must reduce emissions 80 percent by 2020’

Open letter by 23 high-ranking officials of American energy, climate and environmental NGOs, including Bill McKibben of, to President Barack Obama and President Hu Jintao, calling for wartime-like mobilization by the governments of the United States and China to … Continue reading